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Jennifer Harrington JD, MS

She/her pronouns

Co-Founder & Professional Counselor Associate

Jennifer Harrington is a professional counseling associate with six years of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups. She is dedicated to assisting clients who are addressing personal and/or career-related challenges, seeking to change behaviors, working to achieve more satisfaction in their relationships, or striving to find purpose and meaning. She believes we all face difficulty and adversity and that with the right tools and support we can successfully navigate life’s inevitable (and often painful) challenges, and in doing so, emerge stronger, more resilient, and better able to achieve our goals, flourish, and enjoy our highest quality of life.

In her work, Jennifer employs existential, strengths-based, solution focused, and cognitive behavioral approaches. She is also trained in the Internal Family Systems model, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and evidence-based strategies to support individuals living with ADHD. She has earned two mediation certifications and brings those skills to her work as a therapist to assist individuals and couples who are dealing with conflict. 

Jennifer has been privileged to work with clients experiencing life’s transitions, including with career professionals who are looking at the meaning of the time they spend at work, and searching for greater job satisfaction. She also works with clients who are experiencing grief and loss. She is dedicated to helping others reevaluate and redefine meaning and purpose after trauma, loss, and grief, and helping clients navigate to a new place of peace, happiness, and productivity. 

Jennifer has a Master’s of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University, a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Oregon, and a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree from Reed College. In private practice and in her work for the Metropolitan Public Defender she has represented children and families in juvenile court, individuals accused of crimes, and individuals suffering with mental illness and substance use disorders involved in the criminal justice system and in civil commitments. She has a long history in her legal practice of advocating for the rights and welfare of individuals who are struggling with mental illness and drug addiction. 

In her leisure time, Jennifer loves travel, long walks, moderate jogs, great books, and most of all, time spent with friends and family.

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Interested in booking an appointment or consultation with Jennifer? Contact her directly at:

Call or text: 971-442-6208